Eurovision 2024: Ten Countries Were Finalists in Music Contest

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2024’s Eurovision Song Contest had 26 countries taking part. They included France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, the host country, Sweden, and 10 countries from each of the two semi-finals. 10 countries across Europe, including Ukraine, made the Grand Final through fan votes from participating countries, but ultimately Switzerland stole the show.

This Year’s Winner

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest was hosted by iconic Eurovision veterans Petra Mede and Malin Akerman. They led the three broadcasts that were held live from Malmö Arena.

Just hours after one of the most promising competitors was kicked out, the song contest crowned a new winner. Nemo, who represented Switzerland, won with a narrative work on their embrace of their nonbinary identity called “The Code.”

Controversies and Setbacks

Even before Nemo and their competition from other countries took to the stage, the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest was hit with controversy. The contest, which was held in Malmö, Sweden, faced protests from day one because of the list of countries included in the contest.

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Despite setbacks, the show was successful — at least, it was successful for some of its participants. For others, things didn’t go so well. Norway came last place, marking their 11th time at the bottom of the rankings.

Other Country Participants

“Rim Tim Tagi Dim” was the runner-up, performed by Croatia’s Baby Lasagna. While the song was extremely popular, it wasn’t enough to take home a win.

Thirty-seven countries took part in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, the same number as in 2023. Romania, however, opted not to participate, and Luxembourg decided to compete for the first time since 1993.

R.E.M. Their Best Albums Ranked

The rock band, R.E.M, is legendary with its multiple albums and smash hits. There are plenty of fans who would love to see a ranking of their best albums! If you are among those who enjoy the group founded by drummer Bill Berry in 1980, you would probably be interested in knowing which albums hit hard – and when.

R.E.M Had Many Albums Through the Years - a Ranking of the Best
Best R.E.M Albums Ranked

Best R.E.M Albums Ranked

It’s always interesting to know which one of your favorite albums rocked which. The official rating for all the best albums of the ever-so-popular rock band is out!

Murmur – IRS, 1983 Automatic for the People – WARNER BROS, 1992 Fables of the Reconstruction – IRS, 1985 Lifes Rich Pageant – IRS, 1986 Reckoning – IRS, 1984 Document – IRS, 1987 New Adventures in Hi-Fi – WARNER BROS, 1996 Green – WARNER BROS, 1988 Out of Time – WARNER BROS, 1991 Up – WARNER BROS, 1998

The Legend Blossomed

The Legend Blossomed

Even the first album R.E.M brought out – Murmur – would have been enough to make them legends on its own. The album came out when new wave music was coming in hard and serves as a reminder of the past. You can find their post-punk energy throughout the songs. Their vocals and strong guitar notes can be heard. It’s overall a golden album that was very marketable for them and would have been perfect if it was their only one.

Halfway Down the List

Scrolling down the list, we stumble upon their album Reckoning from 1984. It was a busy year for R.E.M., as they were constantly appearing in live shows and dealing with the constant energy we saw in each appearance. The entire album was written in three weeks or so around Christmas of that year, and it summed up their unquenchable momentum perfectly!

Halfway Down the List

R.E.M in the End

The last album on the list, Up, from 1998, is a full-blow manifestation of mood fluctuations for the band – or at least of the three remaining band members. It was the year when the band lost Bill Berry – he quit! The only ones who remained were consumed, more or less, by self-doubt, which can be picked up throughout their songs. It’s a fascinating display of the band dabbling in non-rock lyrics, and it was an album full of raw emotions.

R.E.M In the End

What we can all take away from the rating of the greatest R.E.M albums is the fact that, no matter which album you pick up, as a fan, you’ll be thrilled to listen to it. Predominant guitar parts, mesmerizing vocals, and transforming lyrics – the band’s got everything a legendary band needs to remain in the hearts of fans forever!