There’s an NSYNC Song on Justin Timberlake’s New Album

Instagram // @nsync

NSYNC is one of those timeless bands that people will always love and listen to. For all who have been waiting to hear something new from the boys, we have awesome news for you! Justin Timberlake’s new album came out recently, and it features a brand new NSYNC track.

Is NSYNC Back?

Last year, NSYNC had a blast when the band released a track called “Better Place.” The song was featured on Trolls Band Together’s soundtrack. Lance Bass talked about the possibility of releasing new music as the group was unable to promote the track due to the strikes in Hollywood at the time.

TikTok // @justintimberlake

The good news is that Justin Timberlake’s new album features a new song with the rest of the boys. During one of his TikTok lives, a fan asked him to blink twice if the band was on a song called “Paradise.” The singer then shared a video where he pulled down his glasses and blinked twice. He didn’t share more, but that was enough for fans to get excited about upcoming projects.

A More Permanent Reunion

On The Kelly Clarkson Show in January, JT discussed the possibility of releasing new music with NSYNC. He didn’t share many details but said the boys were spending time in the studio preparing something for the future. He also mentioned how much he enjoyed working on “Better Place” with his bandmates and admitted that the chemistry was still there.

The new track is featured on JT’s Everything I Thought It Was, a deluxe vinyl album that came out on March 15th. This is the singer’s first album after 2018’s Man of the Woods. While we wait for potential new NSYNC tracks, fans can check out Timberlake’s new album, which contains 18 songs, including “Paradise”.