Lily Allen Resented Elton John for Ignoring a Letter She Never Sent

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Lily Allen sure can hold a grudge. Elton John was her manager for years, and she recently shared a story about how she was upset with him for a long time for not responding to a letter, only to find out years later that she had never even sent it to him. So what happened?

Why Lily Allen Resented Elton John

In a podcast she took part in May, Lily Allen spoke quite candidly about how they both used to talk every couple of weeks to see how the other was doing, as there were times when she wasn’t faring too well.

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After the two parted ways amicably in their professional lives, Lily Allen wrote Elton a letter telling him that she was sad that they parted ways, and how it left a gaping hole in her life. Sadly, due to her not sending the letter, and not realizing it, her opinion of Elton slowly started to change.

A Sudden Realization

Lily Allen stated that her life started to unravel over the next few years and that her resentment of not receiving a reply grew. She bared her soul in the letter about her battles, her experience with sobriety, and how it was affecting her life.

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When Lily Allen moved back to New York in 2020 with her husband David Harbour and her two daughters, she found the letter that she had written and forgot to post, much to her dismay.

The Past Is in the Past

Lily states that she still loves Sir Elton with all her heart, and bitterly regrets the resentment that was misplaced. The podcast episode where she shared the story was even called “Dear Elton, Sorry Seems to be the Most Appropriate Word.”

Elton hasn’t responded; at least, not publicly, but odds are he’s forgiven Lily. Now she just needs to forgive herself.